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Kinevation Incorporated is a Minnesota based company. Founded in 2008, we specialize in the development and sales of high quality therapeutic tools for use by medical professionals. The KinEZ Cut™ paper-backed tape slitter is Kinevation’s initial offering into the Tape therapy market. The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter was developed by a father-son team for use in lymphedema therapy after taping proved to be one of the most successful regiments in treatment of their wife-mother’s severe chronic lymphedema.

The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter has been developed for use in physical therapy, sports medicine, lymphedema therapy, and occupational therapy treatment regiments involving paper backed tape, such as Kinesio® Tex. The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter offers therapists the ability to slit tape widths from 1" to 3", cut slit widths of 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1” and 1 1/2" (using individual cutter cartridges) along the tape length, and facilitate tape strip lengths up to 60”. The cut pattern can be either in "X" or "Y" configurations.
Kinevation has plans for the release of several additional KinEZ Cut™ products during 2009, so please keep watching our website.

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