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>>The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter

Kinevation is pleased to introduce the KinEZ Cut™ Tape Slitter...
freeing medical professionals to treat patients; NOT cut tape!

The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter is designed to slit lengths of paper-backed medical tape, such as Kinesio® Tex, into strips, leaving a portion of one end (“Y” cut) or middle (“X” cut) un-slit. Lengths of 3” wide tape up to 60” long have easily been slit into six ½” strips in seconds. The patented KinEZ Cut™ cutting mechanism is conveniently configured into five interchangeable cartridges, which all operate within a common table-top base. Features Include:

The entry-level KenEZ Cut™ Tape Slitter configuration includes the Table Top Base Unit and the Green Slitter Cartrdige (1 1/2"), which can slit any width of paper-backed adhesive tape between 1" to 3" wide.

>>The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter Cartridge

The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter Cartridge Configuration and Applications

The KenEZ Cut™ Slitter Cartridges are built with commercial grade mechanisms designed for long-term use. Each cartridge is made with heavy duty components, produced from the highest grade materials and manufactured to precise specifications, for reliable application in the medical field.

The slitting process contained in the KinEZ Cut™ cartridge applies our unique patented slitting design. This process offers the ability to quickly and reliably produce a straight, smooth, and consistent therapeutic tape appliqué every time. During the slitting process, appliqués emerge from the slitter with strips that are neatly spaced; crimped along each paper-cloth interface to minimize adhesive exposure (which, during application, causes strips to annoyingly stick to most surfaces and pick up foreign objects). Our process offers little cloth fraying, thus extending the applications' life. Patients benefit from a professional, consistent therapeutic application every time!

KinEZ Cut™ Slitter Cartridges are also designed to offer the highest level of SAFETY either when handling the cartridge or cutting. The only access into the cartridge cutting blades is through the three inch long cartridge tape entry and exit (front and back) slots on sides of the cartridge. These openings are less than one-eighth inch high, and have internal shields that restrict exposure to the razor sharp cutters near the outside of the cartridge. Potential for cuts, jabs or carpal tunnel issues are reduced to their lowest levels, particularly when compared to prolonged scissor use.

To facilitate efficient use of the slitter’s versatility and minimize potential for wasted tape, each KinEZ Cut™ cartridges is color coded and clearly marked with the width (in inches) of the strips they slit. The green or 1 ½” cartridge will cut any width tape, between 1” and 3”, down the middle into two equal strips. As the most popular cut, the green or 1 ½” cartridge is included with the base unit and offered as the entry-level KinEZ Cut™ Tape Slitter product offering. Other cartridges are optional, as is a (future) carrying case.



Application by Tape Width

The Green cartridge will slit any standard width of tape between 1" and 3" in half (two equal pieces). Popular with Sports Medicine and Trainers, this cartridge finds use in nearly all applications.
The Red cartridge is designed to slit a 3" wide tape piece into three 1' strips or a special slit of 2" wide tape {1/2", 1", 1/2"} pattern when the most support is needed in the center of an applications. Often used with 3" for lymphedema treatment, and offers extra support for muscle sprains, rotator cuff in larger framed patients when 3" tape is used.
The Black Cartridge will slit a 3" wide tape piece into four strips 3/4" wide and a special slit of 2" wide tape into a {5/8", 3/4", 5/8"} pattern when slightly more support is needed in the center of an application or for a 1 1/2" wide tape piece, a {3/8", 3/4", 3/8"} pattern for soft side support. With 3" tape, the black cartridge offers more support and options for larger framed patients.
The Grey Cartridge began as a special request, but quickly became a regular offering. Requested by users of 2" tape, it will slit a 2" wide tape piece into three equal width strips approximately 3/8" wide, and a special slit of 1 1/2" wide tape into a {{7/16", 5/8", 7/16"} pattern when slightly more support is needed in the center of an application than on the sides in more petite patients. With 3" tape, it also offers the ability to provide 5 strips of approximate equal width.
The Blue Cartridge was designed for lymphedema therapy and the first cartridge made. This cartridge will slit a 3" wide tape piece into six 1/2" strips, and has proven very effective in enhancing lymphatic flow. It will also slit 2" wide tape into four 1/2" strips and 1" tape into two 1/2" strips. With careful alignment, a 60" piece of 3" wide tape was slit using one of these cartridges in an elapsed time of less than one minute-- including cutting it from the roll with a scissor!



Note: The carrying case pictured is provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual case may vary.


>>How It Works


The KinEZ Cut™ Slitter has been designed to offer the medical profession a full range of paper-backed tape slitting capabilities. The following basic steps demonstrate how “EZ” this tool operates, and fully describes how the KinEZ Cut™ Slitter is used in preparing "Y" patterned appliqués of paper-backed tape for patient application. Instructions for slitting "X" pattern appliqués are also provided.

Based on the width of tape to be slit and the slitting pattern required:

  1. Adjust the tape guides to fit the width of the paper-backed tape to be slit.
  2. Verify that the Lock Lever is in the vertical un-locked position.
  3. Choose the appropriate KinEZ Cut™ cartridge, positioning and aligning it above the base.

Note: Tape characteristics based on Kinesio® Tex Products


Seat Cartridge in Cartridge receiver slot within the base:

  1. Insert cartridge into receiver slot, seating it solidly on the bottom of the cartridge receiver slot.
  2. Locate the mechanism lock lever on the front of the base, which engages the cutting mechanism.

Note: Tape characteristics based on Kinesio® Tex Products


Rotate Lock Lever to Engage Slitter Mechanism:

  1. Rotate lever counter-clockwise until it locks in place.
  2. In locked position, the lever no longer obstructs the tape guides, indicating mechanism is ready to slit tape.

Note: Tape characteristics based on Kinesio® Tex Products


Begin Slitting Tape:

  1. Cut piece of paper-backed tape to the desired length.
  2. Insert end of tape piece into cartridge slot and maintain gentle pressure.
  3. Began turning slitter crank, releasing pressure on tape as the mechanism begins to feed the strip through the slitter.

Note: Tape characteristics based on Kinesio® Tex Products


Slitting a “Y” Pattern:

  1. Stop turning slitter crank when un-slit tape “anchor” is at the desired length.
  2. Rotate lock lever counter-clockwise to disengage lock and slitter mechanism.
  3. Remove (Pull) the un-slit “anchor” out of the cartridge and apply Tape to Patient.

Note: Tape characteristics based on Kinesio® Tex Products


For Creating an “X” pattern with the KinEZ Cut Slitter


Slit first leg of the “X” pattern:

  1. Stop turning slitter crank when location of un-slit tape “anchor” nears the middle or desired anchor location for the first leg of the X.
  2. Rotate lock lever counter-clockwise to disengage lock and slitter mechanism.
  3. Remove (Pull) the tape piece out of the cartridge.

OPTIONAL: If a different slit pattern is desired on the second leg, remove installed cartridge and insert cartridge for cutting new pattern.

Slit second leg of “X” pattern:

  1. Insert unslit end (second leg of the X) into the cartridge tape slot.
  2. Follow previously referenced step 4 (b) and (c) and Step 5.

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